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Betty Anne bongo: Hey Guys! Can I please go swimming with my friends?

Shannon: yes! because you are the best musician girl we've ever met!

Betty anne bongo: thank you so much!

she arrived at the pool and met tommy, Repunzil And August, who we’re in their outfits.

Tommy: Hi Betty Anne!

Repunzil: Are you ready to go swimming with us?

Betty Anne: Yes I am Guys! Let's have some fun and jump in the pool! 

August: Alright! Let's jump in the pool! 

Repunzil: OK! Here we go! 

betty anne bongo: Wait, there some people coming to see our swimming performance  

(They See people taking their seats) 

tommy: our outfits look similar to our swimsuits, right? 

repunzil: yes, they did 

(then the a Group of women are doing an opening act, after that) 

(H&j enters the stage as the Offbeats start climbed to the pool)  

Henry: greetings ladies and gentlemen!  

June: The moment you all been waiting for has arrived! Kablam studios and the nickelodeon studios at universal studios Orlando Florida proudly presents the misfits doing their own performance  

(at the balcony) 

sophie: (talks quietly) they’re gonna do a synchronised performance 

June: and also, You've seen a duck swim, you've seen a geese swim, and you've even seen a swam swim. But you've never seen those four kids swim! And now, If you all be so kind, please put your hands together for everybody’s favourite misfit group in the world... 

(Henry and June brings out the offbeats) 

Henry & June: The Offbeats!

(Then h&j claps for them as they leave)

(the sensory lights began to glow, Then the Offbeats jumped into the pool, and they swam down to the bottom. They began to swim)

(When they were done swimming, the people clapped for them)

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