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(at the kablam world)

Sniz: let me see on my computer

fondue: sniz, Please!

sniz: sorry (looks up)

Other cartoons: Angel Children?

Sniz: yep

Loopy: but they are not dead

Fondue: hey, I like that girl, Rebecca sedwick

Loopy: What the?

melanie McCay: it’s the Offbeats, playing a song from block breaker deluxe

(people at The nightclub)

betty Anne: aw yeah, keep moving guys!

(suddenly, they see a 27 year old)

August: who are you?

Matthew: i’m matthew, the owner of the nightclub, look of all those people

Betty Anne bongo: hi, I'm Betty Anne Bongo and I love to play my bongos and sing my song. Tommy: I'm Tommy, I rely love my coat and were it every time. (yells in Kevin seal voice): AND SOMETIMES, I YELL!

Repunzil: I'm called "Repunzil", and I'm the youngest of group. I love animals, flowers, playing and my long hear.

August: and I'm August, the science inventor

Matthew: yo, my birthday May 9th 1992, wanna see my pals? Just have fun, so, your in for some kinda treat? Let me show you

(at the Italian restaurant)

Joey: this is an Italian restaurant, owned by my sister Shannon

Shannon: Oh hi there rich kids!

Betty Anne bongo: hi Shannon, so nice to meet you

Joey: And this is Danielle the owner of the casino

Danielle: hi there! Wanna see more faces, then come with us, Tommy, Repunzil And August, keep on doing block breaker

tommy: right

(at ragefever)

Amanda: oh hi there, i’m Amanda, a student who likes luxury

betty anne bongo: hello Amanda, My name is Betty-Ann Bongo. I sing a little song-o, I sing it all day long-o! and I love to playing my bongo set and sing my song.

Hayden: and my name’s Hayden, i’m A champion at bowling

betty Anne bongo: What’s going on?

Amanda: There is a kablam emergency, the cartoon character ended up being kids who passed away, sniz and fondue, both got their tonsils removed, loopy, fells from a bunk bed, Melanie McCay got forced to drink three litres of soda, the little freaks ended up choked on rubber bouncy balls because tryla And braingel didn’t, two Louies didn’t get medical attention, the brothers tiki, I don’t know what they’re doing but they didn’t, the girl with her head coming off, uh, anemia and iodine, race rabbit, oh whatever, they are sent to cartoon jail for not getting attention

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