Custard: Star Butterfly, you're grounded for life, Until Disney XD Owns Our Show!

Jazzi: Yeah, Now Go Upstairs Now!

(Star Butterfly runs in sad)

Noodle: Yes! We grounded Star Butterfly because She is a Troublemaker!

Star Butterfly: That's them, they just grounded me!

King Butterfly: Them? Custard! Jazzi!, Noodle!, Ka-Chung!, B.B. Jammies! Foo!, how dare you ground my daughter? She's ungrounded because she is a smart User! That's it! Go home now while I call all Gumball Watterson!

Gumball Watterson: Save-Ums!, how dare you ground Star Butterfly? You know she has done nothing wrong! Go to your room now!

Spyro the Dragon: Because You're Punishment would be doing Weekend Chores!

Gumball Watterson: Agree!

(the Save-Ums run upstairs)

Star Butterfly: I Hate The Save-Ums.

King Butterfly: Don't Worry About Him I'll Make sure the'll be grounded until Star Wars Episode IX.

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