Custard: I Missed Teletubbies.

Jazzi: Me Too.

Noodle: As a Matter of Time How About We Download this child show?

B.B. Jammies: Perfect Idea.

Foo: I Hope Won't Find Out That We Download Teletubbies on Netflix.

Ka-Chung: No Even his Friends like Po, Toothless, Spyro, Lincoln Loud, Alex, Red Claw and Tyrannor.

(Custard downloads Teletubbies on Netflix)

Custard: There now we can enjoy Teletubbies in every episode.

(after the show)

Custard: That was a great show.

Jazzi: Agree.

Spyro: Save-Ums We're home... Wait a second what show did you download?

Noodle: Um, Teletubbies.

Spyro: Save-Ums! Gumball said Teletubbies are forbidden on Netflix or Hulu and I'm Telling Gumball!

Gumball Watterson: Spyro what's going in the family room.

Spyro: Just Wanna Let you Know The Save-Ums Download Teletubbies on Netflix.

Gumball Watterson: What? Custard!

Custard: Uh-Oh! Now We're in deep Trouble!

Noodle: I Hate when we get Punish by Gumball.

Gumball Watterson: Save-Ums! How dare you Download Teletubbies you know We Hate Baby Shows, That't It! You're Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded Until Christmas!

Toothless: Also Kingdom Hearts (TV Series) will be premiere and there's nothing you can do to Cancel it.

Lincoln Loud: Also Kablam! will be on Hulu for go.

Po: Go to your room while we change Teletubbies into Azura's Adventures!

Alex: Agree!

Save-Ums: (Dr. Robotnik sound clip) No!

Gumball: That’s it! We’re sending you to the audience and that's final!


Jazzi: Why did we get sent to the audience?

Senator Josie: Audience! You don’t fly away with the Save-Ums! Come back here now! That’s it! You’re so grounded for life!

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