Custard: Okay Every Save-Ums I Have a better Idea We're Going to Watch Mr. Pickles and when we do we'll force Azura to Watch All Episodes in Every Season!

Jazzi: Perfect Idea.

Noodle: Agree.

Coffee: I love Mr. Pickles.

Behania: Me too.

Ka-Chung: Same Here I'm a Huge Fan of Mr. Pickles.

Foo: I Can't Wait to Force Azura to Watch Mr. Pickles.

B.B. Jammies: This is Going to be a good idea.

(after all episode of Mr. Pickles)

Custard: This is gonna be Awesome for Azura weatehr she likes it or Not.

Gumball Watterson: Custard what have you been up to?

Custard: Um We Some how Watch Mr. Pickles.

Gumball Watterson: MR. PICKLES?!?! Custard, Jazzi, Noodle, Ka-Chung, Foo & B.B. Jammies you should never Injoy Mr. Pickles because that dog kills people and It's not appropriate to you! That's It You All are Grounded Grounded Grounded Until It Gets Cancelled

Spyro: Custard, Jazzi, Noodle, Ka-Chung, Foo & B.B. Jammies you should be a Ashamed for Watch Dark Comedy shows like twe warn you never So That Means I Agree with Gumball.

Toothless: Me too

Red Claw: Me Three

Tyrannor: Me Four

Po: Me Five

Alex: Me Six

Crash Bandicoot: Me Seven

Lincoln Loud: Me Eight and Besides You Mr. Pickles is like Cujo and He is a Troublemaker Now Go Upstairs This Instant

(The Save-Ums Running Upstairs to there rooms)

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