Allison as Red Fraggle 

Princess as Mokey Fraggle 

Brian as The World's Oldest Fraggle

Eric as Henchy Fraggle

Dallas as Travelling Matt 

Red Fraggle and Mokey Fraggle were having a great day. 

Red: Hey Mokey, what a nice (censored by sheep baaing) day we're having.

Mokey: I really (censored by sheep baaing) agree, Red.

Then the World's Oldest Fraggle and his Henchy Fraggle came. 

World's Oldest Fraggle: Oh my god! Girls, what are you saying?

Red: Oh, hi, old timer! What a nice (censored by sheep baaing) we're having. 

World's Oldest Fraggle: Girls, where did you learn these words from?

Mokey: We found them on the back of the dumpster.

World's Oldest Fraggle: Well, stop saying it! It's a bad word!

Red: A bad word? Blah blah blah.

World's Oldest Fraggle: Yes, in fact, there are 13 bad words you should never say.

Henchy: Aren't there only 7?

World's Oldest Fraggle: (to Henchy) Not if you're a sailor! (to Red and Mokey) So remember, don't ever say that word. 

Red: Okay, old timer. 

The rock fell and hit the World's Oldest Fraggle on his head.

World's Oldest Fraggle: Ouch, my (censored by sheep baaing) head!

Red and Mokey were shocked and angry.

Red: Oh my blah! We're gonna tell Travelling Matt, old timer.

The World's Oldest Fraggle was horrified.

World's Oldest Fraggle: No, not Travelling Matt! His old heart can't take it!

Red began to phone Travelling Matt.

Red: Hello, is this Travelling Matt? I am calling to tell you that the World's Oldest Fraggle said a bad word!

In Travelling Matt's house, Red, Mokey, the World's Oldest Fraggle and Henchy had come. Travelling Matt was furious with the World's Oldest Fraggle.

Travelling Matt: Oh oh oh oh oh! World's Oldest Fraggle! How dare you say a bad word? That's it, you're grounded grounded grounded for a month. No meeting business for a month! Go home right home!

The World's Oldest Fraggle went home, crying.

World's Oldest Fraggle: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Inspired by Mr. Krabs Says a Bad Word and Gets Grounded

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