Dark Bowser-Alan

Bowser-Scary Voice

Bowser Jr-Brian

Ice Princess-Julie


Based on Mr. Dawes Sr's death.


Dark Bowser: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down!

Bowser Jr (after Dark Bowser left): Mad as a march hare!

Bowser: A wooden leg named Smith. A wooden leg named Smith. A wooden le...

(Bowser wheeze laughs like Mr. Dawes Sr after getting the joke, then flies up in the air)

Bowser Jr (Mary Poppins sound clip): Father?! Father?! (the other Koopalings try to get Bowser down) Father, come down! Daddy! Daddy, come back! [wails]

(at Dark Bowser's house)

Ice Princess: Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser: What is it Mom?

Ice Princess: I heard you told a joke to your father and made him die laughing. Now Bowser Jr will miss him so much.

Dark Bowser: Does this mean I'm grounded?

Ice Princess: Yes. Go to your room.


This is a remake of Mr. Dawes Sr's death from Mary Poppins.

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