Cast[edit | edit source]

Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy

Lawson and King Bob-Eric

Mort Chalk-Dallas

Gelman's dad-Simon

Lazy Kid's dad-Dave

Paul Wood-himself

Julie Jones-herself

Brian Williamson-himself

Emma McGoldrick-herself

Salli Henderson-herself

Susan McGildrick-herself



Trumpet Boy-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Police Officer-Hugh

Jerome's mom-Bridget

Gretchen's mom-Kate

Jordan's mom-Catherine

Plot[edit | edit source]

This is the news of what Lawson just did.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

At the lounge where Mr. Lawson is sitting and Lawson is standing.

Mr. Lawson: Oh yeah, you're definitely standing.

Lawson: But...

Mr. Lawson: STAND.

Lawson: Fine!

The news begins.

Mort Chalk: This is Mort Chalk with the news. I heard that a Top Cat villian was revived. Let's see what some people have to say.

Gelman's dad: We were at the graveyard until someone got revived unexpectedly.

Lazy Kid's dad: We thought, how is this possible?

Mort Chalk: Later, the six friends of Theory Reader heard what was going on. Let's see what they have to say.

Paul Wood: We were having a picnic until someone revived Lou Strickland.

Julie Jones: How can this be?! We thought he was gone for good.

Brian Williamson: Could it have been a potion or something?

Emma McGoldrick: Anyways, Lou Strickland is back.

Salli Henderson: Why is Lou Strickland back? We thought he was dead forever.

Susan McGildrick: I agree with you.

Mort Chalk: Later, King Bob and his sceptres as well as their parents noticed this.

King Bob: Jordan, Jerome and Trumpet Boy were at the park until they saw some two guys walk by us with a staff.

Jordan: I agree with the King.

Jerome: We don't know how this was.

Trumpet Boy: If we find out the two culprits, we will have a word with them.

Police Officer: Same here.

Jerome's mom: We might have resolved this but let's find out how Lou Strickland was back in this world.

Gretchen's mom: If my daughter were to see this, she would cry.

Jordan's mom: We hope he suffers.

Mort Chalk: Now let's see who did it.

After the footage...

Gelman and Lazy Kid's dad: So it comes to this! Lou Strickland was brought back to the world by Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman!

Gelman's dad: I now think of you as satanic! You two may have revived the 12 people but everyone hates Strickland! I wish I could surge myself with the wolf genie, kill you and hug your fleshes and bloods!

Lazy Kid's dad: I almost fainted what I saw what was on that screen! Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, you are so insane to revive Strickland after you revived the other 12! You could have just left him!

Gelman and Lazy Kid's dad: But no! You had to revive him! Now the six friends will have a word with you! Especially you, Gelman! Then you and I get home, you will be grounded!

Paul Wood: This is what happened! Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, even though you revived the 12 people that have been shot last Christmas, all of us are mad at you for resurrecting Strickland!

Julie Jones: You gave us the most terrifying shock ever! Reviving a murderer?! After you revived the 12 that have been shot by him?! Nevertheless, you two will be grounded grounded grounded big time!

Brian Williamson: We saw you walking with staff in your hands and now we found out what you used them for! You may have revived the dead 12 but Lou Strickland, the troublemaker himself?! Oh, doom!

Emma McGoldrick: I can't believe you revived a person who deserved to be dead even after you revived the 12 angels! Oh, you really have both been naughty to even do this!

Salli Henderson: And you thought it was a good thing to revive Strickland, and you thought this isn't going to happen?! Huh?! Well, we thought otherwise! Nevertheless, I hope you get punished!

Susan McGildrick: I knew it! And my thoughts of reviving Strickland was a reality! Listen here, reviving murderers gets you both grounded and you'll be punished even after you revived the dead 12! We have to go and cool off!

Julie Jones: Remember, these words are to teach you a strong strict lesson of reviving Lou Strickland!

King Bob: Oh, so we find out the truth! Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, you got yourselves in humilation and big trouble! You don't revive a murderer after you revive the 12 shot people!

Jordan: Wow, you have really got a lot of nerve on you, Lawson and Gelman! You should have left after you revived the 12 innocent people that have been shot by him last Christmas but no! No way!

Jerome: Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, you naughty boys! You do not revive a naughty boy like Lou Strickland after you revived 12 of the dead! I hope you get grounded and you will serve a severe fine at the end of the news line!

Trumpet Boy: You may have revived the 12 people that have been killed last Christmas but we don't want the murderer back! My friend's thoughts are now reality! I'm sure you'll get grounded! We are so done with this! We are out of here!

Police Officer: That was a bad idea to revive Strickland!

Jerome's mom: I fainted my eyes out when I saw what was going on! Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, you two are such idiots! Reviving Strickland?!

Gretchen's mom: You could have just revived the 12 people only or stayed away from the graveyard! Now you put us all in some form of struggle! We will seek to it that your fathers will ground you!

Jordan's mom: Well Erwin Lawson and Leo Gelman, you may have revived the 12 innocent people that have been shot, but how could you revive Strickland as well? Do you ever revive a troublemaker like Strickland? NO!

Mort Chalk: And that was the news, and Erwin and Leo if you're watching this, both of you will have to pay $150!

After the news...

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, I can't believe we have to pay $150 for what you and your friend Gelman just did! You are grounded grounded grounded for 70 days, but since you revived 12 good people, you're grounded half your time, which is still long! Go to your room right now!

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