Principal Prickly-Wiseguy

Miss Lemon-Kate

Anderson Host-Alan


Miss Lemon is back.


Me: Hi guys, it's Fluttershy106 here with Principal Prickly, Miss Lemon and Anderson Host. You've seen what happened to Gelman on Easter. This time Miss Lemon is back.

Miss Lemon: Hi, what's up?

Me: Anderson Host, tell me what happened when Gelman was in detention.

Anderson Host: I was substituting for Miss Lemon because she was out sick. He had to wait four hours until his father picked him up. The only thing he did bad was rip up the note after Miss Finster told him not to.

Principal Prickly: Also, he counts the times he is sent to the office just like how Banter counts the times Jay does mean things to his younger sister Prism.

Me: And Miss Lemon, what is the day of the week you're off duty?

Miss Lemon: I'm off on Wednesday and I see you're substituting for Principal Prickly.

Me: That's true. Anyways, we're glad you're back.

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