Third Street School is an elementary school located on Third Street in Unnamed City and is the main setting for almost every episode of Recess. The school is named after both the street itself and the streets' namesake, Thaddeus T. Third III. 


In "My Fair Gretchen", it is revealed that Third Street School is located somewhere in the state of Arkansas and maybe even the city of Little Rock, but the exact location remains unknown. In a statement written by the show's co-creator Joe Ansolabehere, he recounts creating the look of the school based on Cooke Elementary—a school he went to in Detroit. Book illustrator Dave Shannon composed an initial concept drawing of Third Street based on a school he attended in Washington State, which was "exactly what [Ansolabehere] was thinking".

When it came to naming the school, Ansolabehere stated "...when naming the school, we were trying to think of a name that could be in any that lots of kids would think 'Hey, that's my school!' or 'I know where that school is.'" The show's other creator, Paul Germain; decided on the name 3rd Street based on the public elementary school his kids attended in Los Angeles (in the Hancock Park area).

Perhaps the most notable features of Third Street School are the ever present clock on the back of the main building; the playground and particularly Old Rusty, the jungle gym on which much of the story depends. Third Street School is also unique; There are many secrets hidden inside and outside the walls. Its first class was held in 1928.

The school teaches grades K through 6th and feeds into Spiro T. Agnew Middle School.

School StaffEdit

Principal Prickly (Principal)

Fluttershy106 (Substitute Principal)

Miss Finster (5th Grade Teacher and Administrative Assistant)

Miss Grotke (4th Grade Teacher)

Miss Furley (4th Grade Teacher)

Miss Lemon (Receptionist and Detention Teacher)

Mr Yamashiro (Other Teacher)

Coach Kluge (Coach)

Mrs Klemperer (Kindergartener Teacher)

Hank (Janitor)

Other School Staff

Kindergarteners (Mrs Klemperer's class)Edit

Captain Sticky

Chief Stinky 









The Brittanys 

Other Kindergarteners 

1st GradersEdit

First Graders 

2nd GradersEdit

Becky Benson

Tyler Armbruster

Tyler Boulet 

Tyler Quinlan

Tyler Tomassian Second Graders

3rd GradersEdit

Cornchip Girl 

Third Graders

Lance the Pants 

Fourth Graders (Miss Grotke and Miss Furley's classes)Edit

TJ Detweiler 

Vince LaSalle

Ashley Spinelli

Gretchen Grundler

Mikey Blumberg 

Gus Griswald 

Randall Weems


Ashley Armbruster

Ashley Boulet

Ashley Quinlan

Ashley Tomassian

Swinger Girl

Upside-Down Girl

Hustler Kid 


Brandon the Singer

Guru Kid

Digger Dave and Digger Sam




Jared Smith (visitor)


Library Kid 




Timmy Milton


Yope Halberson (exchange student)

Other Fourth Graders 

Fifth Graders (Miss Finster's class)Edit

Erwin Lawson 


Conrad Mundy

Greg Skeens 

Rachel Hart

Lazy Kid

Sue Bob Murphy

Kirsten Kurst 'AKA' Kurst the Worst

Clyde Philmore

Chucko Kowalski





Penny/Piko (exchange student)

Johnny V

Slappy (presumably)


Morris P. Hingle

Adam Abel

Frank Sedgwick (Knarf)





Douglas Carter (Miss Finster's substitute snitch who substitutes for Randall in Randall's Reform)

Joshua "Josh" Crum (a yellow-haired boy in a dark jumper boy who gets involved in the dodgeball war with Lawson in the fifth grade side and King Bob's third adviser)

Barney Rackstraw (one of Lawson's close friends who is chubby, has dark yellow hair, light green jumper and dark green trousers. He made notable appearances in Recess episodes including Dodgeball City) (He debuted in The New Kid)

Billy Dinkley (one of Lawson's close friends who has brown hair, a turquoise jumper and blue trousers. He made notable appearances in Recess episodes including Dodgeball City) (He debuted in The New Kid)

Steven Harris (one of Lawson's close friends who has red hair, a yellowy-brown jumper and brown trousers. He oftens hangs out with Barney Rackstraw and Billy Dinkley. He made notable appearances in Recess episodes and he sometimes appears with Lawson and other fifth graders)

Mike Diller (one of Lawson's close friends who is Mexican-American and tall, has black hair, a red jumper and dark green trousers. He made notable appearances in Recess episodes including Dodgeball City)

Bartholomew "Smithy" Smith (one of Lawson's friends who is chubby, short and has yellow hair, a red jumper with a big dark red stripe on it and brown shorts. He made notable appearances in Recess episodes including Dodgeball City. He also appeared in the Recess theme where he was carried away by King Bob's guards)

Bart "Buckaroo Kid" Grendon (one of Lawson's close friends who wears a grey black-striped cowboy hat with an orange paper on it, orange glasses, a black top and blue trousers. He made background appearances in Recess episodes. Also, he is in Lawson's class, as shown in A Science to Remember where he seats with Lawson and Josh in the auditorium)

Rocky "Prankster Boy" Lawthorne

Rachel Jinn (a brown-haired girl who wears a dark green jumper and blue shorts)

Clarisse Henderson (a brown-haired and olive-skinned girl who wears a green jumper with black strikes and black jeans) (She debuted in The New Kid)

Laura Coco

Larry Waxwell

Other Fifth Graders

Sixth Graders (Mr Lee's class)Edit

King Bob 



Scribe Kid

Trumpet Boy

Wizard Kid

Shay "Tara" Steele

Eric Foster


King Bob's guards

Captain "Brad" Bradley

Safety Rangers 



Kenny/Kouju (exchange student)

Ted/Taka (exchange student)

Marvin/Masa (exchange student)

Other Sixth Graders 


Possible locationsEdit

  • In "Spinelli's Masterpiece", T.J. gives Knarf the coordinates 40.5 N, -80 W to locate Spinelli's drawing. That puts Third Street near 1621 Saw Mill Run Blvd., Pittsburgh PA, 15210, USA.
  • Third Street uses the Arkansas State Exams, which could put it as E Stem Public Charter Elementary School on West Third Street in Little Rock. The school does resemble some satellite outlines as the Third Street School in Los Angeles, CA, which would make sense as in Recess: School's Out, Phillium Benedict mentions California freezing even though he first mentioned flooding on the east which could support a Third Street School in Belvidere, NJ.
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