Po: I Really Hate Dragon you know what I'll do Super Fire on Dragon and them boom! he's destroyed.

Dragon: This Time I'll Get a Totally Spies: Totally Party.

Toothless: (breaks throw Dragon's Bedroom)

Dragon: What Are you Doing?

Toothless: I'm Here to Destroy you Darkness Dragon.

Dragon: Don't Do it Toothless.

Toothless: To Late! (Super Fires on Dragon (Skunk Fu!))

(Dragon Explodes)

The Red Death: What Was That?

Drago's Bewilderbeast: Toothless Did You Kill Dragon?

Toothless: I Just Stopped Baboon from Getting Totally Spies: Totally Party.

Deathgrippers: Well Thanks because Totally Spies ripoff Pokemon.

Toothless: Alright.

Elliot: Po I'm Very Proud of you for Destroying Dragon you're ungrounded.

Toothless: Victory is Mine.

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