Bob and Gelman-Joey

King Bob-Eric

Ashley A-Emma

Bob's dad and Jason Cartwright-Dallas

Dr. Phillium Benedict-Steven

Mrs. Armrbuster-Kate

Denise Jr-Kendra


The other Bob next to King Bob is Denise's boyfriend.


Bob: I am going to revive my girlfriend Denise after she was pushed in the crocodile pit by Gelman, but first, I need some assistance.

(After Bob called King Bob and Ashley A)

King Bob: We're going to help you.

Bob: Thank you.

Ashley A: Now on to the graveyard.

(at Gelman's house)

Gelman: What's going on?

Dr. Phillium Benedict: I don't know.

(at the graveyard)

Bob: This is our only chance.

(Denise Jr appears)

Denise Jr: What is this?! Where am I?!

Bob: I'm Bob, your boyfriend and this is King Bob.

Ashley A: I'm Ashley Armbruster. We just revived you.

Denise Jr: Thank you.

(Gelman and Dr. Phillium Benedict appear shocked)

Gelman: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!

Dr. Phillium Benedict (in his sound clip): All my plans, my hopes and dreams ruined. RUINED! (sobbing)

(at Bob's house)

Bob's dad: Bob, thank you for reviving your girlfriend along with King Bob and Ashley A. You are now ungrounded.

(At Ashley A's house)

Mrs. Armbruster: Ashley A, I am so proud of you for reviving Denise Jr with King Bob and her boyfriend. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you want.

(at King Bob's house)

Jason Cartwright: Robert, thank you for reviving Denise Crystal Jr with her boyfriend and your substitute queen. You are now ungrounded. You can hang out with Tara whenever you like.


The audio featuring Dr. Phillium Benedict saying, "All my plans, my hopes and dreams ruined. RUINED!" from the movie Recess: School's Out was used after Dr. Phillium Benedict found out that Bob revived his girlfriend Denise along with King Bob and Ashley A.

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