Gelman's dad-Simon



Tygo does a good job.


Hildie: Tygo, since your parents are out shopping, my boyfriend and I are in charge. I also heard you cleaned up your act since you've retired being a bully.

Tygo: I know. Anyways, can we go to Dairy Queen?

Hildie: Sure.

(at Dairy Queen)

Clerk: Hi. Welcome to Dairy Queen. What can I get you?

Hildie: I would like a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: I would like the same thing my girlfriend is having with a vanilla shake instead.

Tygo: And I would like a five piece chicken strips, medium fries, a medium Sierra Mist and a chocolate Xtreme Blizzard.

Clerk: Sorry Tygo, but the chocolate Xtreme blizzards were sold out.

Tygo: That's terrible.

Clerk: But you can have a confetti cake blizzard instead.

Tygo: I want that one instead.

Hildie: Wow, that was even better than what you had done at my boyfriend's house.

Tygo: How?

Hildie: The last time you were there, you did a dance, which made all of the furniture fly. This time, you have improved yourself.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: We'll have it to go.

Clerk: Here you go.

Hildie: Tygo, even though you acted badly at my boyfriend's house last month, you have done better than that.

Tygo: But what about that bully who was on my team before I quit? I saw him attacking his father.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: Let's see what happened back at Dairy Queen.

(at Dairy Queen)

Gelman: Dad, I said I wanted 179 hot dogs, large fries, a medium Coke and a chocolate Xtreme blizzard right now!

Gelman's dad: First of all, 179 hot dogs are way too unhealthy and second of all, the clerk said the chocolate Xtreme blizzards were sold out! You can either have a confetti cake blizzard or nothing at all!

Gelman: No way! I wanted a chocolate Xtreme blizzard and that's what I want!

Gelman's dad: That's it! We're going home right now!

(at Tygo's house)

Stetson: I'm back from shopping. Hildie, how did your brother do? 

Hildie: Well, he improved since last month and did a good job.

Stetson: I am so proud of you. You are now ungrounded.

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