Tygo, Shawn Brunner and I-Steven

Mrs. Shaw-Kate

Mr. Dyke-Simon





Tygo gets in big trouble.


Shawn Brunner: Tygo, you have gone way too far!

Mrs. Shaw: Shawn is right! You will receive home detention!

Mr. Dyke: You will do 1K assignments!

Tygo: Quiet! I don't have to listen to you! I wish you were dead!

Stetson: Tygo, how dare you threaten us?!

Tygo: And I forgot to tell you this.

Stetson: What is it son?

Tygo: I killed Hildie.

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

Shawn Brunner: What?! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you kill your sister?! You have just broke one of the Lord's Ten Commandments, which is I shall not kill!

Mrs. Shaw: And she was a former student of mine as well!

Stetson: That's it! We're going to her funeral!

Tygo: No! Not her funeral!

(at the church)

Priest: We're gathered today to mourn the death over Hildie.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: I hope my girlfriend's off to Heaven.

(at the graveyard)

Tygo: No! She wasn't! She was the worst sister of mine! She is always a crybaby and a whiner who goes (Kidaroo's voice) I wanted Tina the Talking Tabby! I wanted Tina the Talking Tabby!  I WANTED TINA FOR CHRISTMAS! I wanted Tabby...

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

Stetson: Tygo, how dare you talk that way about your own sister?! That's it! We're going home!

(Stetson takes his son home and Tygo is crying)

Me: Sis, can I go to get Tygo some nappies?

Molly: No because Stetson already went to WalMart to get him some.

Me: I know, but in the meantime, Tygo's behavior is even worse than the other Recess bullies.

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