Part 1: Johnny Test goes on a rampage:Edit

  • (We see Johnny Test in his room)
  • Johnny Test: Man, I'm so bored. What should I do today?
  • (Johnny Test then gets an idea)
  • Johnny Test: I know, I will destroy the city by becoming my giant form. Ha! (X45) Soi! (X65) Rofl! (X35)
  • (Johnny Test uses his growth elixir making him giant as he then leaves his house and destroys the city)
  • (We see some cars as Giant Johnny steps on them to smash them into pieces)
  • (Giant Johnny roars as he then tears the apartment apart)
  • (We see some jets coming to stop him as Giant Johnny then roars and smashes them with his big hands)
  • Giant Johnny: Cool! I love doing this.

Part 2 finale: Titan battle:Edit

  • (We see Giant Yuna Minami in her Glacier Wolf armor as she then appears)
  • (Giant Johnny then runs to the giant monster and kicks her real hard)
  • Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami: (Roars)
  • (Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami then tumbles down)
  • (Giant Johnny roars as Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami gets up)
  • (Giant Johnny runs and stomps on the buildings into pieces)
  • (Giant Johnny beats his chest like a gorilla as Giant Yuna roars)
  • Giant Johnny: Alright, I need to stop that monster.
  • (Giant Johnny then goes into some debris as he waits for his target)
  • Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami: Where are you bad boy?
  • (Giant Johnny then found his target as he grabs Yuna's leg as Yuna gets angry)
  • Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami: Hey!
  • (Giant Johnny then lets go of Yuna's leg as he then dodges)
  • (Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami tries to run away as Giant Johnny grabbed her leg)
  • Yuna Minami: *Screams*
  • (Giant Johnny laughs evilly while pulling on Yuna's leg as Yuna continues to scream)
  • (Yuna kicks Giant Johnny as Giant Johnny fell over. Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami then roars)
  • (Giant Johnny grabs a building debris and throws it at her. Giant Yuna roars as Giant Johnny threw a girder as Giant Yuna punches the girder making the girder hit Giant Johnny)
  • (Giant Johnny roars as he then kicks the girder at Giant Yuna)
  • (Giant Yuna does her glacier blizzard beam damaging Giant Johnny. Yuna laughs at Johnny as Giant Johnny lunges at her and chokes her)
  • (Giant Yuna uses her teeth to grab Giant Johnny and bites his shoulder)
  • (Giant Johnny pulls away from Yuna as the glacier wolf girl did her glacier blizzard beam at him. Yuna roars as Giant Johnny then removes the ice from his body)
  • (Giant Johnny then tackles down the wolf by punching her)
  • (Both Giant Johnny and Giant Yuna tumble down, Giant Johnny punches the wolf as they then tumbled down more)
  • (Giant Johnny then breaks free as Giant Yuna tumbles down into a road. Giant Johnny beats his chest while jumping, Giant Yuna tries to get up as Giant Johnny throws a debris from the tower at her as she then got up)
  • (Giant Johnny throws another girder as Giant Johnny rolls onto Giant Yuna. Giant Yuna dodges the attack by teleporting as Giant Johnny then hits the girder)
  • Glacier Wolf Yuna Minami: *Laughs*
  • (Giant Johnny turns around and passes out, the glacier wolf heroine then kicks down some debris onto Giant Johnny as nothing happened. The glacier wolf girl then kicks down more debris onto Giant Johnny, she then kicks him as Giant Johnny then got up to attack her)
  • (Giant Yuna uses her sword and pushes him back with her sword. Giant Yuna then turns around as Giant Johnny beats his chest and attempts to attack her)
  • (Giant Yuna then turns around and does a strong ice kick which made Giant Johnny tumble down. Giant Yuna then kicks down the debris to bury Giant Johnny, Giant Johnny tries to get up as the glacier wolf heroine then kicks him down and then kills him with her ice sword like a Yamiguru thus making Giant Johnny become frozen solid)
  • (We then see Behemoth Oriana appear as she then roars like Titanus Behemoth)
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