Skunk: Today I'm Gonna Make a Grounded Video Out of Kohtaro Minami. (Skunk Makes a Grounded Video Out of Kohtaro) There.

(after the video)

Skunk: Now That's Awesome.

The Red Death: Skunk Get Downstairs Now!

Skunk: Yes Red Death?

The Red Death: I Can't Believe This, Yuna Minami Said You Made a Grounded Video out of Her Brother, Kohtaro!

Drago's Bewilderbeast: He's a Friendly User, You're Just a Troublemaker who framed people and Ripoffs Other People's Show.

The Red Death: By the Way You Have Visitors!

Gumball Watterson: I'm Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball You Should grounded until i Get a new Show Call The New Amazing World of Gumball!

Red Claw: I'm Red Claw from The Land Before Time My Brother and I have been Reformed you be forced to Enjoy The Land Before Time (TV Series).

Sharptooth: I'm Sharptooth Red Claw's Brother I Agree.

Toothless: I'm Toothless the Dragon You'll be grounded while you Watch all 3 How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy on Netflix or Hulu.

Emmaleigh Belmont: I'm Emmaleigh Belmont, I cannot believe you make a video out of my Best Friend! Also, Azura will Clobbered you as a Conclusion time!

[Azura Appears and Dramatic Chipmunk plays]

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