This is an updated version of the Vyond is a purgatory theory.


Stephanie Gavin: She was the exact person who beat up Gina Degaldo until she died, and was shot dead by Mrs. Delgaldo. She was lumped in with the Gavins to teach her that violence doesn’t solve anything.

Mrs. Degaldo: She was Gina’s mother and shot Stephanie Gavin to death. She died when someone broke into her house and pushed her into the fireplace.

Diesel Gavin: He was Boris’ partner in crime and one of his enablers. He died with Boris and Doris, and was made Stephanie’s father to teach him a lesson.

Lilly: She was Caillou’s cousin who died when someone dared her to drink lighter fluid.

The Teletubbies: They were deranged sociopaths who committed horrible crimes. They died after getting shot by a police officer and the reason why they were killed by Dora in “Dora Kills The Teletubbies” is to teach them a lesson about their sanity.

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