(sequel to Mundy tries to be a police officer and gets grounded)

At the town, Waxwell was furious about King Bob.

Waxwell: Oh my god! I can't believe King Bob disrespected Thomas and Chloe's relationship! He punched Thomas Russo and threatened Chloe Piper with a gun! This whomps! And besides, King Bob and Tara's relationship whomps! Even worse, Mundy got fired for trying to be a police officer! What shall I do?

Waxwell had a plan.

Waxwell: I know! I will give him a nosebleed!

Waxwell went off to find King Bob, and then he met Mundy and Skeens.

Waxwell: Hi, Mundy! Hi, Skeens!

Mundy: Hi, Waxwell!

Skeens: Hi, Skeens!

Waxwell: I'm going to teach King Bob a lesson because he disrespected Thomas and Chloe's relationship. Can you go unground Thomas and Chloe while I teach King Bob a lesson?

Mundy: Sure! We'll help the couple!

Skeens: Yeah, it's much better than King Bob and Tara's relationship! But first, we'll distract Josh after we built the Cruminator 6000 so we can trap him.

Mundy: Yeah, Josh is a neutral friend to us and he works for King Bob. We'll distract first and then we'll unground Thomas and Chloe. Good luck teaching King Bob a lesson.

So Waxwell continued to find King Bob, and then he met him.

Waxwell: King Bob!

King Bob: What?! The impudence! What do you want?

Waxwell: How dare you disrespect Thomas and Chloe's relationship?! That was very mean of you! You punched Thomas and threatened Chloe with a gun! This has gone too far! And besides, your and your girlfriend's relationship whomps! You suck! Do you hear me! SUCK! Mundy's fired from being the police officer and that's all your fault! That's it, I'm going to give you a nosebleed!

King Bob was horrified.

King Bob: Nonononononononononononononononononono! Please don't give me a nosebleed!

Waxwell: Shut up, you geek! Time to teach you a lesson!

Waxwell punched King Bob in the nose by giving him a nosebleed. King Bob screamed in pain.


Waxwell: That's what you get for disrespecting Thomas and Chloe's relationship. Hahahahahahaha!

Just then, Tara rushed in.

Tara: Bob, I heard you screaming. Are you alright?

King Bob: No. I'm not alright. Waxwell gave me a nosebleed. It hurts so bad. I want to go to the hospital.

Tara: He did what? Oh my god! Waxwell's in big trouble now!

Tara got extremely angry with Waxwell.

Tara: (in Kidaroo voice) Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Waxwell, how dare you give Bob a nosebleed?! You know it's a very bad thing to do! Poor Bob's hurt, and it's all your fault!

Waxwell: But Tara, he disrespected Thomas and Chloe's relationship.

Tara: (in Kidaroo voice) You know we hate Thomas and Chloe's relationship! Now King Bob needs to go to the hospital, thanks to you! That's it, you're in big trouble! I'm calling Jordan and Jerome to take you home to your parents!

Tara called to Jordan and Jerome.

Tara: Jordan, Jerome, come over here this instant!

Then Jordan and Jerome came.

Jordan: What happened, Tara?

Jerome: And why is King Bob's nose bleeding?

Tara: Because Waxwell gave King Bob a nosebleed.

Jordan: Oh no! This is terrible! Thanks for telling us! We'll deal with Waxwell.

Jordan and Jerome glared to Waxwell.

Jordan: Come with us!

Jerome: We're taking you home to your parents right now!

Jordan and Jerome dragged Waxwell, kicking and screaming.


When Waxwell got home, Waxwell's parents were dismayed.

Waxwell's dad: Oh no! Please don't tell me Larry caused trouble!

Jordan: Yes! Waxwell caused trouble.

Jerome: He gave King Bob a nosebleed! Now he needs to go to the hospital, thanks to you!

Waxwell's parents got very angry.

Waxwell's dad: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Larry, how dare you give King Bob a nosebleed?! You know it's a bad thing to do!

Waxwell: But mum and dad, he disrespected Thomas and Chloe's relationship. He punched Thomas and threatened Chloe with a gun. And besides, King Bob and Tara's relationship whomps.

Waxwell's mum: You should be ashamed of yourself, young man! King Bob and Tara's relationship is much better than Thomas and Chloe's. Now King Bob needs to go to the hospital, thanks to you! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded until King Bob's nose is cured!

Waxwell's dad: Your punishment is to watch Barney and Friends!

Waxwell's mum: Normally we would say go to your room, but instead, start watching Barney and Friends right now!

Waxwell's parents left.

Jordan: You heard what your parents said! Start watching Barney and Friends whether you like it or not right now!

Jerome: Or you're going straight to the dodgeball school when you get to school! We'll be choosing Gus Griswald to substitute for King Bob because King Bob's in the hospital! Now start watching Barney and Friends right now!

So Jordan and Jerome left.

Waxwell: This really whomps. I have no choice but to watch that stupid purple dinosaur on TV.

So Waxwell did as he was told.


Paul as Waxwell

Eric as Mundy and King Bob

Brian as Skeens

Julie as Tara

Joey as Jordan

Steven as Jerome

Dave as Waxwell's dad

Grace as Waxwell's mum

Kidaroo as Tara's angry voice

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