Lyrics Edit

Betty Anne, Tommy, Repunzil And August: used to be afraid of my own shadow used to think id never make the great to scared to even dream the dream unsure of everything it mean but now my hopes are high my life has changed so bring on all your distant horizons make your counts go as deep as the sky yes we can climb the mountain if we all share the load yes we can reach the summit at the end of the road if we lift our hearts to heaven and reach out for the stars yes we can climb the mountain cause the mountain is ours the mountain is ours yes we can, im sure we can never had too much belief in christmas never had a christmas wish come true never quite believed in one baby born under a star should have a thing to do with me or you but now i feel the magic around me and the stars shining down all the way yes we can feel the loving and the hope on the way yes we can keep on trying til the end of the day and theres so many dangers yes we can make this christmas the happiest time

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