Eric Staang and Mundy-Eric

Clyde Sinclaire-Brian

Jerome, Peter J. Armstrong, Steven Balkin and Carter-Steven

Diesel Sinclaire, Glenn Balkin and Walter Staang-Diesel

Mr. Mundy-Alan


Garrick Staang, Randall and Trumpet Boy-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Jill Staang-Salli

Erika Armstrong and Lisa Balkin-Julie

Kimberly Balkin and Carrie Staang-Kimberly

Kendra Walters-herself


This is the sequel to Jacob grounds Lawson. Note: Diesel and Kimberly Smith allowed Carter, Jill's boyfriend and Kendra, Garrick's girlfriend, to stay over for the night.


Zoey: I can't believe my boyfriend Jacob and his sister Erika are captured by Conrad Mundy and Clyde Philmore.

Eric: I understand Zoey. 

Zoey: Mundy took my boyfriend Jacob to the rooftop.

Eric: And Clyde Philmore is at the zoo with Erika.

Zoey: We have to save him. It's too bad King Bob is still at the insane hospital.

Jordan (off-screen): We can help.

Eric: Hey! Who said that?!

Jordan: I'm Jordan and this here is Jerome.

Jerome: We help King Bob.

Trumpet Boy: I can assist you too even though your brother Garrick and I have the same voice.

(cuts to Third Street School)

Jacob: Someone help me! (Marko's voice, Finnish) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mundy: I'm sorry! No one's around to help you!

Zoey (off-screen): Except for me!

Mundy: Oh no! It's Zoey Balkin!

Zoey: That's right! What gives you the idea to push my boyfriend off the rooftop just because he grounded your friend Lawson?!

Mundy: That's what we, bullies, do! 

Jordan: Surrender right now!

Jerome: I agree with Jordan! Unhand Jacob right now!

Mundy: Hey! Why are you here?! 

Jordan: Well, even though King Bob got sent to the Insane Hospital, we still help him!

Jerome: Now unhand Jacob or else we will call the police!

Mundy: Okay, I'm going!

Jordan: Good! We will call your father instead!

(meanwhile at the zoo)

Erika: Please help me! 

Clyde Sinclaire: Silence Erika Samantha Dawson or else I will tell your brother Zack!

Erika: First of all, it's Armstrong, not Dawson and second of all, my brother is Jacob, not Zack!

Clyde Sinclaire: How did you get sent to Jacob's house in the first place?!

Erika: Diesel and Kimberly couldn't keep me there anymore, that's why!

Clyde Sinclaire: You're going straight in the crocodile pit and there's no one who can stop me!

Eric (off-screen): Actually, I may stop you!

Clyde Philmore: Who are you?

Eric: I'm actually Eric Staang, but call me Eric Smith II!

Clyde Sinclaire: Who's the first Eric Smith?!

Eric: He's the one who has a brother named David and a sister named Ivy! Anyways, why are you trying to push my girlfriend Erika in the crocodile pit?!

Clyde Sinclaire: Because she ungrounded her brother Jacob after he grounded my friend Lawson! 

Trumpet Boy: You're not getting away with pushing Erika (he tries to remember her last name but can't)... I forgot.

Eric: Her new surname is Armstrong because she now lives with Jacob and Tim.

Trumpet Boy:...Erika Armstrong in the crocodile pit!

Eric: You heard him so release my boyfriend right now or else I'm calling the police!

Clyde Sinclaire: Okay, I'm going!

Eric: Good! I will call your father instead!

(Zoey comes)

Jacob: Thank Heavens you saved me Zoey.

Erika: Thank you for saving me Eric.

Zoey: Any time.

Eric: With pleasure.

(at Mundy's house)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, I heard you tried to push Jacob off the rooftop of your school! Is this true?!

Mundy: Yes it is. It was the only way to get back at him after he grounded my friend Lawson.

Mr. Mundy: How dare you try to push Jacob off the rooftop of your school?! That is the wrong choice! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

(at Clyde's house)

Clyde's dad: Clyde, what's the idea of trying to push Erika in the crocodile pit?!

Clyde Sinclaire: It was the only way to get back at her after she ungrounded her brother Jacob.

Clyde's dad: What?! How could you?! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 4 days! Go to your room now!

(at the Balkin residence)

Glenn "Diesel" Balkin: Zoey, thank you for rescuing your boyfriend Jacob from Conrad Mundy.

Kimberly Balkin: You are now ungrounded forever.

Randall: This means you can relax and have fun with Jacob when you like.

Lisa: You can go to your favorite fast food places.

Steven: And lastly, you can go to your favorite theme parks.

Zoey: Thank you Mom, Dad, Randall, Lisa and Steven. You're the best.

(at the Smith residence)

Walter "Diesel" Staang: Eric, I am so proud of you for rescuing your girlfriend Erika from Clyde Philmore.

Carrie Staang: You are now ungrounded.

Eric: Quick question. Why are Garrick and Carter in their swim trunks and why are Jill and Kendra in their bikinis?

Walter Staang: Because Eric, for resucing your girlfriend Erika from Clyde Philmore, your brother Garrick's girlfriend, Kendra invited you, your sister Jill and her boyfriend Carter for a pool party.

Garrick: I hope you do better than what you did at Pizza Hut.

Jill: And I hope you do better that what you did at my wedding.

Eric: I know Garrick and Jill, but is the food at the party from Peter Piper Pizza?

Kendra: It sure is.

Carter: Peter Piper Pizza is my favorite place ever.

(later at the Walters' residence, Eric, Garrick, Kendra, Jill and Carter are happy)

Eric: This is the best day ever!

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